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Activated Charcoal masque 

Charcoal mask has proved as one the best cosmetic facial products in the history of cosmetology. Activated carbon is the compound which makes the charcoal mask so effective.

It will be such a pity if we don’t took care of our face and body in this modern world we live in. Everything is available and affordable for everyone. You just need to make a good research and choose the right product for you.

Facial masks 

Visiting beauty saloons is one way to make your skin looks better. The other way is home beautification, face steaming and applying masks. This is the most practical and cheaper way, and also saves you time and money.

Beauty masks can be made from fruit, clay and minerals. Charcoal mask is new product on the market and it is innovation of 21 st century. Crystal Beauty Secret company lunched charcoal mask winter of 2016. Since then, they become known in every country in the United States. The company succeed gaining the purchasers trust and having the best reviews ever. Take a look at their Facebook profile if you don’t believe my words .

Me, myself and the mask


As the years goes by, my skin started to look lifeless, plain and unhealthy. I have combination skin type, and as a consequence many blackheads on the forehead. There was a time when i was using a lots of makeup, mostly powder foundation and rouge blush. All the three of them can damage your skin and initiate infection. Skin infection manifests by forming acne, pimples and clogged pores. If not treated on time this condition will only get worst. The bigger problem are blemishes, dark spots and enlarger pores after. When aging collagen in our skin decreases, and this kind of flaws are more visible.

The key is well known for all of us, treat your skin good so you can wear it proudly. Aware of this, i make myself to start loving my face. I order the peeling mask online using one of my credit cards. It was delivered two days after at my house. Much obliged for this express delivery, i was amazed by it.


I read books, newspapers and articles most of my free time. So, when the mask came i was curious about other people opinion and activated carbon benefits on my skin. I spent whole night staring at the computer and watching YouTube videos. I was wandering how all of these people managed to find free time for all of this stuff they are doing. Or is it just me, maybe i don’t know how to use my time in my interest.

Changes must be made and i will start with my look. I put on the charcoal mask, waited 20 minutes then start removing it. Stand by the mirror in my toilet, and trust me when i say: my face was totally refreshed. No more unwanted flaws, no more blackheads and baby fuzz hair.

Next day i went to the mall to buy myself some new cloths. Meanwhile stopped at my coiffeur (love this French word) and do my favorite hairstyle…

Treat yourself good everyday, and invest in yourself unconditionally!