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Blackhead removal mask

I want to tell you something about Blackhead removal mask. Blackhead removal mask which saved my face. I was having huge difficulties with problematic skin. And a lots of blackheads, especially on my nose. I’m writing this for all of you who share my skin problem. DSC_0050-min_169aa3aa-c62c-4756-b11b-e6e8cbadee01_480x480

Catching up with my friend 

My friend found me this blackhead removal mask. She noticed my worries and send me the link from their product company. If you are interested to take a look of this magnificent skin cosmetic product click on the link above.

It is the newest skin product from Crystal Secret US company. They launched this product 2016. I was reading the reviews from other costumers and was very amused. Order it immediately. Ordering procedure was very easy, online. Also the purchase was delivered two days after at my home.

I was very happy about receiving blackhead removal mask. Called my friend and tell her to have a sleepover at my house the same night.

Applying the blackhead removal mask

She came to my house. Brought a bottle of white wine. We were excited about this little facial party. The girls wanna have clear face and enjoying with some quality wine. We were having everything what we need for fun night. She saw the black mask and decided to try it herself. Wine beautification night for both of us.

OK, lets clean our faces first, she said. There are few steps to achieve the most of the results for using this product. First of all, its a purifying peeling mask. You must have open pores on your face in order to peel off the dirt. The best way to accomplish this is by steaming your face. As a home remedy i’m using boiled water with some chamomile tea bags inside.

Chamomile is great for your skin and body in any form of using it. Its softens your skin and cleanse the pores. This step takes about 10 minutes. I think its enough time. Too much hot water may irritate my face. It’s all about timing and doing thing properly.

Fun night 

We apply the black mask. It is so black and intimidating, we took a few photos. Having digital memories is the best way of having fun with your girls. After that uploading on Instagram of course. Hashtag: wine and beauty. I was a little scared if it going to hurt removing the mask. But, my friend said to me: don’t exaggerate. It is normal to have weird feeling peeling off the blackheads from your face.

She was absolutely right. The feeling is strange but it it’s completely painless. It was great experience trying this cosmetic product. My face was clean, fresh, soft and glowing. Both of us was very happy and satisfied for giving a chance to this black mask.

I looked myself in the mirror and told my friend: it’s amazing! I wasted so much time and money on different cosmetics, not knowing this face remedy exist. Yes, for sure i can called it called remedy. Its cheep, effectively and you can use it at your home in private. I recommend to try it right away. Sincerely…

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moviestarplanet hack

get your moviestarplanet hack

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moviestarplanet hack

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My story about Live Football Streaming

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