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Blackhead removal face product 

Check out this story about blackhead removal product. This is for all of you who are looking for resolution for removing blackheads. Blackhead removal facial peel-off mask is the answer.


About the product

Crystal Beauty Secret is the newest cosmetic brand in the US market. They started in 2016, and this black mask is their first baby. It’s completely different facial product because of the mask formula.

I’m sure you have many experience with lots of different product. And maybe, that is the first reason to be skeptical about. I’m aware of that. Most of the cosmetic companies gives us a false commercials. A bunch of lies.

Using face mask is very important to keep your skin vitality. It’s absolutely irrelevant your age, gender or skin type. All of as have some kind of skin problem. Trying to minimize it in every way.

Blackhead removal mask ingredients     

First, let me give you an access on their web site. Here is the link where you can order the mask if you are willing to give it a try: .

My favorite subject in school was chemistry. Maybe that’s the reason i’m in love with Breaking Bad TV show. And also, the reasons why i’m paying too much intention on the ingredients. Chemical composition is what makes the product quality. Especially in cosmetology.

If you don’t know your skin type, sensitivity and allergies it will be wasting money. Picking the perfect skin product goes with few steps. Step one, you see the brand. Step two, is the product suitable for you. Step three the price tag. Step four, reviews.

Few steps 

When you’re browsing on the Internet pay attention of whats new. Not only trending products, but also new companies. They promote whats best. Worth give it a try. As for the product formula. Here are the blackhead removal mask ingredients.

  • Ionized water, polyvinyl alcohol, K 30, herbal portulacae extract, methyl, menthol, camphor, borneol.

As you can see it contains menthol also. Menthol peppermint is one of the most using substance in cosmetic products. It gives you many skin benefits. Using facial masks that contain menthol is recommended by the dermatologist.

Price! I forget to mention that. Cheep and affordable for everyone. You can order it online. Just click on the link above and follow the instructions.

Delivery and shipping 

In this modern and busy world we are stuck in, time is precious thing. Waiting is something we are just not used to any more. Particularly when i have paid for something. My time, my money. Clients are always right. Crystal Secret company are very expedite and accurate.

They provide two days shipping to your home. In every house in the US. I was amused when i got the mask on time.

Applying the mask  

I tried the blackhead removal black mask same they it was delivered. Even convince my boyfriend to try it with me. He has many blackheads on the nose. After he was very satisfied and grateful for this little treatment.

I am using the mask once a week since then. Very pleased for finding this amazing mask. I just wanted to share this with you. To share my inspiration with you. Goodbye for now. Try the product!