Charcoal face mask

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Charcoal face mask

I have finally found the best charcoal face mask for my skin. Trust me guys, you must try this new facial product from Crystal Secret company. Charcoal face mask is the biggest trend around the globe. My face is clean, it looks healthy with a radiant glow. All the blackheads and whiteheads that were bothering me are history.


Black Mask

I love spending the Sundays in my favorite coffee shop. While sitting there and catching some sun rays, i heard a conversation between two girls. They were babbling about some cosmetic product for removing blackheads. They mentioned the brand and that is how i found this on the Internet. Google it Black Mask from Crystal Secret company and there it was.

The most important thing when buying a new product are the reviews. Could not resist reading them all, so now i would like to share them with all of you. And here is the Crystal Beauty Secret Facebook page: .


Quoting the best comments about charcoal face mask:

L.A. “Used mine for the first time tonight. I would highly recommend this product! Easy to apply, peeled off nicely and pain free, and left my face looking and feeling great!”
A.A.”I was too scared to do my whole face but I love it . I just ordered two more for my sister’s. We gonna be blackhead free this summer . (P.S. it really did not hurt to peel it off, the hard part was finding a spot to peel it off from)”
B.H. “It works! Trust me when I say I’m A harsh critic in things. I will be purchasing again!”
A.J. “Love mine, highly recommend if you have stubborn blackheads. Left my face blackhead free and so smooth.”
E.L. “So I ordered this stuff and It’s amazing. Its So amazing my 8 year old son says mom it’s time for man face to get fixed. He gets his face done every 2 weeks. He says it relaxes him. Laughing out loud l thank you and I’ll be buying more. Too bad I can’t buy in bulk for a good price.”
A.D. “I actually thought this product wasn’t going to work and bought it based off the reviews. I tried it last night and was so amazed on the outcome. I loved it so much that I ordered 2 more!”
L.M. “I got it today (literally 2 days after I ordered) . Used it tonight, honestly I did it twice just because I felt like I had really deep blackheads. Only used it on my nose, forehead and chin… did the nose a second time… I think it worked pretty good.”
Amazing product 
All of this and much more made up my mind to place an order. There was not any single bad comment about this charcoal face mask. Also, i was glad that the price was very affordable. That time the Black Mask was on a sale, 50% off. I used this perfect opportunity and got the mask. Tried it after two days of the delivery and was absolutely satisfied. Those people were not lying. I will continue shopping other product from Crystal Secret company!

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