Blackhead mask

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Blackhead mask

The secret to beautiful and clean skin lies in the use of the right product. Therefore, I am writing this article dedicated to the blackhead mask from a Crystal Secret company. The blackhead mask is their first cosmetic product, which gained a reputation very quickly. Crystal Secret brand is a new US company in cosmetics marketing trends. But somehow they managed to rank up pretty fast.


Black Masque

Can not complain for having skin troubles, but my husband does. We have been together for five years. And ever since I met him one thing he’s not happy about himself is his skin. Maybe the problem lays in males hormones, I can never be sure. But his face is oily through the day, and washing it only makes things worse.

So, we found the blackhead mask on the Internet, and ordered a two bottles. That happened one late Saturday night, and we received the package two days after. The shipment was pretty fast, and the delivery free. We got our masks in time and tried it the same day.

Filming and fun

As I mention before, my face skin look good. But even so, applying the blackhead mask can be a fun thing to do. After all, the Black Mask contain different ingredients for increasing skin vitality. And most importantly it can not affect badly on my skin, it can only make me prettier. But, I have decide to take care for my guy first. Offered him help with the following steps of using the blackhead mask. And make him to record a video of the peeling process.

David just smiled and accept the proposition without any further explanations. The blackhead mask was left on his face for thirty minutes. While he was peeling the Black Mask I started recording. Can not find right words to describe what come out of the pores. The best way to find out it to watch the video by yourself.

As a gratitude gesture, and a pleased customers we uploaded the video on the Crystal Secret Facebook page. You can find it here on this link bellow, comment by Sheila Jonson: .

Happy customers  

David’s skin now look flawless and clean, all the blackheads that were troubling him were past. Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you want to. He never expected to find such a great product for his face. But he does, we does, and he is very happy about that. After all, we are all the same and we have the same needs. Man face care should be taken seriously.

Do not hesitate, just order the blackhead mask and see with your own eyes. You can use the Black Mask whenever you wish for, on any parts of your body. My personal experience with this peeling product was also great. I can tell the difference on my face before and after. Because of its formula, my skin was softer and brighter. Most effective cosmetic product ever! Will continue shopping their other product in the future.

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