Black peel off mask

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Black peel off mask

Are you familiar with this black peel off mask from Crystal Secret brand? I have found this fantastic facial cosmetic brand recently. I bought two bottles, one for me and for for my mother. Both of us are very satisfied with this mask.  And we will certainly continue shopping in the future.


100% satisfaction guaranteed  

While I was doing my school project on my lap, got an interesting notification on my Facebook from my bestie. She had tagged me on a video from some cosmetic company. The trademark was pretty much colorful so it kept my attention. Watch the whole video, it was a commercial from this specific brand, Crystal Beauty Secret.

You can see clearly in the video how a girl is peeling her face with a black mask and removing the blackheads. Maybe I felt disgust, but I must admit it was mesmerizing. Play it over and over again the same one. Watching the trash coming out those pores was fascinating. Wrote back to my friend and told her I am hypnotized by this thing.

“I loved the video, and I was pretty sure you will feel the same. I wish the video was longer because I love watching that crap coming out of pores. Am I a sick and twisted individual?” She wrote back to me. After a good laughter, we came to conclusion we must try this mask. That same day I made my order for me and my mother. I was pretty sure we are going to like this black peel off mask.

Peeling effect

I have read many articles regarding face peeling masks. This skin rejuvenation method became very popular in recent years. There are not much side effects reported from customers, only redness included. Which is understanding, knowing the way peel off masks works. It is recommended doing peeling facials from time to time in order to clean your pores. Black peel off mask can give you many benefits. Like treating acne and age spots, removing blackheads and whiteheads of the pores. Also, in treating deep wrinkles and skin pigmentation.

The last one is the reason why I wanted to surprise my mom with the black peel off mask. As for me, mistreating my skin through the years got me a lots of blackheads and dark spots.

The Crystal Secret black peel off mask came to my house very fast. I have waited only three days, placed my purchase on Friday and got the masks on Monday. When my mother came home from work I gave her the Black Mask. She smiled at me and said: lets try this new product together and make our self more beautiful.

That Monday night my friend called me to share the news with me. Her mask was the delivered only a few hours later. I invite her to my house to have a fun facial night the three of us. Leading the instructions was very easy, and applying the mask such a great experience. In order to thank me, mu mother take me to dinner next day. I think this is enough for you to understand how amazing this black peel off mask work.

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