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Blackhead mask

The secret to beautiful and clean skin lies in the use of the right product. Therefore, I am writing this article dedicated to the blackhead mask from a Crystal Secret company. The blackhead mask is their first cosmetic product, which gained a reputation very quickly. Crystal Secret brand is a new US company in cosmetics marketing trends. But somehow they managed to rank up pretty fast.


Black Masque

Can not complain for having skin troubles, but my husband does. We have been together for five years. And ever since I met him one thing he’s not happy about himself is his skin. Maybe the problem lays in males hormones, I can never be sure. But his face is oily through the day, and washing it only makes things worse.

So, we found the blackhead mask on the Internet, and ordered a two bottles. That happened one late Saturday night, and we received the package two days after. The shipment was pretty fast, and the delivery free. We got our masks in time and tried it the same day.

Filming and fun

As I mention before, my face skin look good. But even so, applying the blackhead mask can be a fun thing to do. After all, the Black Mask contain different ingredients for increasing skin vitality. And most importantly it can not affect badly on my skin, it can only make me prettier. But, I have decide to take care for my guy first. Offered him help with the following steps of using the blackhead mask. And make him to record a video of the peeling process.

David just smiled and accept the proposition without any further explanations. The blackhead mask was left on his face for thirty minutes. While he was peeling the Black Mask I started recording. Can not find right words to describe what come out of the pores. The best way to find out it to watch the video by yourself.

As a gratitude gesture, and a pleased customers we uploaded the video on the Crystal Secret Facebook page. You can find it here on this link bellow, comment by Sheila Jonson: .

Happy customers  

David’s skin now look flawless and clean, all the blackheads that were troubling him were past. Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you want to. He never expected to find such a great product for his face. But he does, we does, and he is very happy about that. After all, we are all the same and we have the same needs. Man face care should be taken seriously.

Do not hesitate, just order the blackhead mask and see with your own eyes. You can use the Black Mask whenever you wish for, on any parts of your body. My personal experience with this peeling product was also great. I can tell the difference on my face before and after. Because of its formula, my skin was softer and brighter. Most effective cosmetic product ever! Will continue shopping their other product in the future.

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Black peel off mask

Are you familiar with this black peel off mask from Crystal Secret brand? I have found this fantastic facial cosmetic brand recently. I bought two bottles, one for me and for for my mother. Both of us are very satisfied with this mask.  And we will certainly continue shopping in the future.


100% satisfaction guaranteed  

While I was doing my school project on my lap, got an interesting notification on my Facebook from my bestie. She had tagged me on a video from some cosmetic company. The trademark was pretty much colorful so it kept my attention. Watch the whole video, it was a commercial from this specific brand, Crystal Beauty Secret.

You can see clearly in the video how a girl is peeling her face with a black mask and removing the blackheads. Maybe I felt disgust, but I must admit it was mesmerizing. Play it over and over again the same one. Watching the trash coming out those pores was fascinating. Wrote back to my friend and told her I am hypnotized by this thing.

“I loved the video, and I was pretty sure you will feel the same. I wish the video was longer because I love watching that crap coming out of pores. Am I a sick and twisted individual?” She wrote back to me. After a good laughter, we came to conclusion we must try this mask. That same day I made my order for me and my mother. I was pretty sure we are going to like this black peel off mask.

Peeling effect

I have read many articles regarding face peeling masks. This skin rejuvenation method became very popular in recent years. There are not much side effects reported from customers, only redness included. Which is understanding, knowing the way peel off masks works. It is recommended doing peeling facials from time to time in order to clean your pores. Black peel off mask can give you many benefits. Like treating acne and age spots, removing blackheads and whiteheads of the pores. Also, in treating deep wrinkles and skin pigmentation.

The last one is the reason why I wanted to surprise my mom with the black peel off mask. As for me, mistreating my skin through the years got me a lots of blackheads and dark spots.

The Crystal Secret black peel off mask came to my house very fast. I have waited only three days, placed my purchase on Friday and got the masks on Monday. When my mother came home from work I gave her the Black Mask. She smiled at me and said: lets try this new product together and make our self more beautiful.

That Monday night my friend called me to share the news with me. Her mask was the delivered only a few hours later. I invite her to my house to have a fun facial night the three of us. Leading the instructions was very easy, and applying the mask such a great experience. In order to thank me, mu mother take me to dinner next day. I think this is enough for you to understand how amazing this black peel off mask work.

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Charcoal face mask

I have finally found the best charcoal face mask for my skin. Trust me guys, you must try this new facial product from Crystal Secret company. Charcoal face mask is the biggest trend around the globe. My face is clean, it looks healthy with a radiant glow. All the blackheads and whiteheads that were bothering me are history.


Black Mask

I love spending the Sundays in my favorite coffee shop. While sitting there and catching some sun rays, i heard a conversation between two girls. They were babbling about some cosmetic product for removing blackheads. They mentioned the brand and that is how i found this on the Internet. Google it Black Mask from Crystal Secret company and there it was.

The most important thing when buying a new product are the reviews. Could not resist reading them all, so now i would like to share them with all of you. And here is the Crystal Beauty Secret Facebook page: .


Quoting the best comments about charcoal face mask:

L.A. “Used mine for the first time tonight. I would highly recommend this product! Easy to apply, peeled off nicely and pain free, and left my face looking and feeling great!”
A.A.”I was too scared to do my whole face but I love it . I just ordered two more for my sister’s. We gonna be blackhead free this summer . (P.S. it really did not hurt to peel it off, the hard part was finding a spot to peel it off from)”
B.H. “It works! Trust me when I say I’m A harsh critic in things. I will be purchasing again!”
A.J. “Love mine, highly recommend if you have stubborn blackheads. Left my face blackhead free and so smooth.”
E.L. “So I ordered this stuff and It’s amazing. Its So amazing my 8 year old son says mom it’s time for man face to get fixed. He gets his face done every 2 weeks. He says it relaxes him. Laughing out loud l thank you and I’ll be buying more. Too bad I can’t buy in bulk for a good price.”
A.D. “I actually thought this product wasn’t going to work and bought it based off the reviews. I tried it last night and was so amazed on the outcome. I loved it so much that I ordered 2 more!”
L.M. “I got it today (literally 2 days after I ordered) . Used it tonight, honestly I did it twice just because I felt like I had really deep blackheads. Only used it on my nose, forehead and chin… did the nose a second time… I think it worked pretty good.”
Amazing product 
All of this and much more made up my mind to place an order. There was not any single bad comment about this charcoal face mask. Also, i was glad that the price was very affordable. That time the Black Mask was on a sale, 50% off. I used this perfect opportunity and got the mask. Tried it after two days of the delivery and was absolutely satisfied. Those people were not lying. I will continue shopping other product from Crystal Secret company!

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Black head removal

I have read many reviews about black head removal face mask. Many people are raving about this miracle black head removal mask. The best of it was one comment from a young mother. Quoted:

“This stuff is amazing! As a mother, i can’t wear makeup all the time because I’m hugging and kissing my baby. This mask changed my face, and i get compliments all the time. I ran out about one month ago and still get compliments.”

In order to get you a clear picture of this article i will upload a photo from the Black Mask. And a link from the Facebook page where you can check all the comments from the customers.


Purifying peel off Black Mask

On this attached photograph you can see the brand that makes this mask. Black head removal facial mask is from Crystal Secret beauty company. Crystal Secret cosmetic company originates from the USA, and they are located in Idaho. Reading all the good comments got my attention to start searching more about this mask.

General purpose of the black head removal mask is removing blackheads. It can be use by different ages and skin types. It was also made for people with sensitive skin just like mine, so I was eager to try it!

My face skin is so complicated to be sustained healthy and clear, it makes me uncomfortable. There is absolute truth in saying: be comfortable in your own skin. That was something i needed unconditionally. Investing in my skin is worth all the money and time i have. After all, i will wear it my whole life for sure.

Makeup free

In my early 30, i started getting a little bit tired of wearing makeup all day long. Going out with a bear face with any makeup on was something a can’t afford. My face was covered with blackheads and dark spots, as a results of popping my face incorrectly. It was simply unthinkable going at work without foundation on my face.

The problem was, my skin cannot breathe and my pores were clogged all day long. The more you are covering your skin the worse it gets. I was determined to find the right solution. That is how i found this black head removal mask and placed an order online.

Waited for my purchase for two days to be delivered at my doorstep. The package was delivered in time, and the tube was so cute. I read all the instructions and applied the mask. While i was waiting for the Black Mask to get dry, i played my favorite band on YouTube. Listening to The Cure while enjoying my facial day was priceless. So i told to myself: having the best effects after peeling this mask made my year so far.

After shooting few photos with my black face i started removing the mask. The peeling was incredibly satisfying and completely painless to my surprise. People were right, i said to myself. This was the best decision i have made lately. When i looked my face in the mirror there was a new me. Fresh, clean face without blackheads on my nose and chin. This black head remover is definitely worth trying!

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Blackhead removal mask

Let me share with you my amazing experience with blackhead removal mask . Getting this facial product was the greatest surprise ever. Applying the blackhead removal mask changed my life for good.



So, i must admit my addiction to online shopping and buying makeup. Sitting for hours on my computer and looking for trending products on the market is my favorite thing to do. I love everything about beauty and also like trying new brands. Every cosmetic house has something special to offer to their customers. I believe natural beauty and a sexy body are a gift. But, you must work on it to maintain it every day.

As workouts for our body, facials are the same for our skin look. No matter what type of skin, color or tone skin you have. Taking care for our skin on a daily basic is very important.

The unexpected gift 

To be honest, never had a clue that blackhead removal mask exist as a product. It came at my home, delivered to my doorsteps as a mistake. From that day i believe that everything in our lives happens for reason. I was waiting for my order for a week. Not a blackhead removal mask but some matte dark colored lipsticks. Unfortunately, the mailman confused my house with one of my neighbors.

I live in Charming, California my whole life. The main problem for delivery is that some of the houses have duplicate numbers on the same street. Very frustrating for everyone, especially when you are waiting for something impatiently. This event happened two months ago. The Black Mask came to me as a unexpected gift.

At first, didn’t want to open the package. It was like snooping in someone’s privacy. Few days after i heard the package was lost because the house was empty and probably all of this was USPS fault.  OK, enough knowing to feed my curiosity the same moment.

Therefore i opened the package, and saw the blackhead removal mask. Sat on my iPad and started browsing about this product completely new to me till then. Black Mask was a product from Crystal Secret company, located in Idaho USA. Their company was relatively new, and the blackhead removal mask was their first product.

   Here is the link of Crystal Secret web page, where you can check the black mask and other products they present.

Glittering skin is always in!

It won’t be exaggerating if i told you after applying the mask my skin was glowing and glittering. Some face product worth having on your shelves in your room. Not to mention its price, as i saw it was on sale through the summer. The price was only $19, which absolutely pays off.

Turned out the mask was the thing i need much more than those lipsticks. Even tough, i received them too after a week. In order to guide you better with this product i have just uploaded a photograph from it. The tube is 50 gr, and the inside is dark black. The mask is used mostly for removing blackheads. But caring for your skin always is a good idea.

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Black Mask

Crystal Secret Black Mask is the luxury we all need. Facials treatments are essential for your skin especially during the summer. Using Black Mask weekly can make your skin looks its best. Summer is coming and like our body, skin also have to be in good condition. Going on the beach means less makeup or not at all.

Having blackheads and whiteheads is something we all want to hide. Covering your face with layers of makeup, foundation and powder isn’t the right way. Therefore, click on this link and give your face new summer look.



Since i discovered my passion for beauty and cosmetology, i decided to write articles relating to cosmetic products. I know its something unusual to have as a hobby, but giving reviews can help others. Not everyone knows which product they should by, most of them don’t have time to search it.

When i was younger, buying makeup from various brands was something that made me happy. But, through the years you understand that pure beauty is the real goal. Waking up beautiful is something we all wish for. Well, you cannot accomplish that with makeup on your face all day long.

Skin needs to breathe, your pores can be damaged easily. 90 % of the women are afraid of going out without makeup on. And this fact is absolutely disturbing. We must learn to love ourselves and feel good in our own skin. In this matter, giving your skin the best products is number one solution.


Purifying can be done from the inside and from the outside. Drinking a lots of water per day will decrease your vitality and higher the energy level. But purifying face and body can only be done by applying face masks.

Blackheads and pimples are formed because of the clogged and enlarged pores. Oils in our skin are number one cause of having skin issues. But, consuming the appropriate amount of water can help regulate skin’s oil production. There for, those two purifying methods are importantly connected.

Let’s go back to the beginning of my subject, the Black Mask. I found this amazing product on my Instagram profile. From the first moment i saw the mask i was certain it’s going to help my skin. That was a month ago, and since than i let my friends know all about it. I’m using the Black Mask once per week, mainly after bathing. After taking a bath your pores are cleaner and the dirt can be removed.

Recommendation and introduction

Black Mask is a peeling mask, it’s made for removing blackheads. Besides the main purpose, also gives your skin vitality, softness and refreshment. Even if you don’t have skin faults you won’t regret using it. Can improve your face 100 % no matter your age. It is never to late to take care for yourself and look glorious.

Stop spending dollars on tons of makeup and facial treatments. Black Mask is a luxury that everyone’s skin can afford. Give your skin the best gift for this summer and make yourself happy, satisfied and unique.

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Activated Charcoal masque 

Charcoal mask has proved as one the best cosmetic facial products in the history of cosmetology. Activated carbon is the compound which makes the charcoal mask so effective.

It will be such a pity if we don’t took care of our face and body in this modern world we live in. Everything is available and affordable for everyone. You just need to make a good research and choose the right product for you.

Facial masks 

Visiting beauty saloons is one way to make your skin looks better. The other way is home beautification, face steaming and applying masks. This is the most practical and cheaper way, and also saves you time and money.

Beauty masks can be made from fruit, clay and minerals. Charcoal mask is new product on the market and it is innovation of 21 st century. Crystal Beauty Secret company lunched charcoal mask winter of 2016. Since then, they become known in every country in the United States. The company succeed gaining the purchasers trust and having the best reviews ever. Take a look at their Facebook profile if you don’t believe my words .

Me, myself and the mask


As the years goes by, my skin started to look lifeless, plain and unhealthy. I have combination skin type, and as a consequence many blackheads on the forehead. There was a time when i was using a lots of makeup, mostly powder foundation and rouge blush. All the three of them can damage your skin and initiate infection. Skin infection manifests by forming acne, pimples and clogged pores. If not treated on time this condition will only get worst. The bigger problem are blemishes, dark spots and enlarger pores after. When aging collagen in our skin decreases, and this kind of flaws are more visible.

The key is well known for all of us, treat your skin good so you can wear it proudly. Aware of this, i make myself to start loving my face. I order the peeling mask online using one of my credit cards. It was delivered two days after at my house. Much obliged for this express delivery, i was amazed by it.


I read books, newspapers and articles most of my free time. So, when the mask came i was curious about other people opinion and activated carbon benefits on my skin. I spent whole night staring at the computer and watching YouTube videos. I was wandering how all of these people managed to find free time for all of this stuff they are doing. Or is it just me, maybe i don’t know how to use my time in my interest.

Changes must be made and i will start with my look. I put on the charcoal mask, waited 20 minutes then start removing it. Stand by the mirror in my toilet, and trust me when i say: my face was totally refreshed. No more unwanted flaws, no more blackheads and baby fuzz hair.

Next day i went to the mall to buy myself some new cloths. Meanwhile stopped at my coiffeur (love this French word) and do my favorite hairstyle…

Treat yourself good everyday, and invest in yourself unconditionally!

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Blackhead removal face product 

Check out this story about blackhead removal product. This is for all of you who are looking for resolution for removing blackheads. Blackhead removal facial peel-off mask is the answer.


About the product

Crystal Beauty Secret is the newest cosmetic brand in the US market. They started in 2016, and this black mask is their first baby. It’s completely different facial product because of the mask formula.

I’m sure you have many experience with lots of different product. And maybe, that is the first reason to be skeptical about. I’m aware of that. Most of the cosmetic companies gives us a false commercials. A bunch of lies.

Using face mask is very important to keep your skin vitality. It’s absolutely irrelevant your age, gender or skin type. All of as have some kind of skin problem. Trying to minimize it in every way.

Blackhead removal mask ingredients     

First, let me give you an access on their web site. Here is the link where you can order the mask if you are willing to give it a try: .

My favorite subject in school was chemistry. Maybe that’s the reason i’m in love with Breaking Bad TV show. And also, the reasons why i’m paying too much intention on the ingredients. Chemical composition is what makes the product quality. Especially in cosmetology.

If you don’t know your skin type, sensitivity and allergies it will be wasting money. Picking the perfect skin product goes with few steps. Step one, you see the brand. Step two, is the product suitable for you. Step three the price tag. Step four, reviews.

Few steps 

When you’re browsing on the Internet pay attention of whats new. Not only trending products, but also new companies. They promote whats best. Worth give it a try. As for the product formula. Here are the blackhead removal mask ingredients.

  • Ionized water, polyvinyl alcohol, K 30, herbal portulacae extract, methyl, menthol, camphor, borneol.

As you can see it contains menthol also. Menthol peppermint is one of the most using substance in cosmetic products. It gives you many skin benefits. Using facial masks that contain menthol is recommended by the dermatologist.

Price! I forget to mention that. Cheep and affordable for everyone. You can order it online. Just click on the link above and follow the instructions.

Delivery and shipping 

In this modern and busy world we are stuck in, time is precious thing. Waiting is something we are just not used to any more. Particularly when i have paid for something. My time, my money. Clients are always right. Crystal Secret company are very expedite and accurate.

They provide two days shipping to your home. In every house in the US. I was amused when i got the mask on time.

Applying the mask  

I tried the blackhead removal black mask same they it was delivered. Even convince my boyfriend to try it with me. He has many blackheads on the nose. After he was very satisfied and grateful for this little treatment.

I am using the mask once a week since then. Very pleased for finding this amazing mask. I just wanted to share this with you. To share my inspiration with you. Goodbye for now. Try the product!


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Blackhead removal mask


I want to tell you something about Blackhead removal mask . Blackhead removal mask which saved my face. I was having huge difficulties with problematic skin. And a lots of blackheads, especially on my nose. I’m writing this for all of you who share my skin problem.


Catching up with my friend 

My friend found me this blackhead removal mask. She noticed my worries and send me the link from their product company. If you are interested to take a look of this magnificent skin cosmetic product click on the link above.

It is the newest skin product from Crystal Secret US company. They launched this product 2016. I was reading the reviews from other costumers and was very amused. Order it immediately. Ordering procedure was very easy, online. Also the purchase was delivered two days after at my home.

I was very happy about receiving blackhead removal mask. Called my friend and tell her to have a sleepover at my house the same night.

Applying the blackhead removal mask

She came to my house. Brought a bottle of white wine. We were excited about this little facial party. The girls wanna have clear face and enjoying with some quality wine. We were having everything what we need for fun night. She saw the black mask and decided to try it herself. Wine beautification night for both of us.

OK, lets clean our faces first, she said. There are few steps to achieve the most of the results for using this product. First of all, its a purifying peeling mask. You must have open pores on your face in order to peel off the dirt. The best way to accomplish this is by steaming your face. As a home remedy i’m using boiled water with some chamomile tea bags inside.

Chamomile is great for your skin and body in any form of using it. Its softens your skin and cleanse the pores. This step takes about 10 minutes. I think its enough time. Too much hot water may irritate my face. It’s all about timing and doing thing properly.

Fun night 

We apply the black mask. It is so black and intimidating, we took a few photos. Having digital memories is the best way of having fun with your girls. After that uploading on Instagram of course. Hashtag: wine and beauty. I was a little scared if it going to hurt removing the mask. But, my friend said to me: don’t exaggerate. It is normal to have weird feeling peeling off the blackheads from your face.

She was absolutely right. The feeling is strange but it it’s completely painless. It was great experience trying this cosmetic product. My face was clean, fresh, soft and glowing. Both of us was very happy and satisfied for giving a chance to this black mask.

I looked myself in the mirror and told my friend: it’s amazing! I wasted so much time and money on different cosmetics, not knowing this face remedy exist. Yes, for sure i can called it called remedy. Its cheep, effectively and you can use it at your home in private. I recommend to try it right away. Sincerely…

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